Winners of GVEA’s 2022 Ruralite Calendar Contest!

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Thank you to every individual who submitted photos to our calendar contest! We are truly in awe of our member’s exceptional talent in capturing the beauty of Interior Alaska. We’re already excited to review submissions for next year. Scroll below to see the winning images that were selected to be featured in Ruralite’s 2022 calendar. Enjoy and keep an eye on your mailbox in November for your calendar!











Photographer: Jenna Feddersen, ‘The Alaska Pipeline Underneath the Big Dipper and Bright Aurora Lights’.











Photographer: Chris Johannsen Miller, ‘Ice Fog in Fairbanks with the winter sun painting sun beams on the fog’.











Photographer: Whitney McLaren, Sled dogs breaking trail through fresh snow during the 2021 Two Rivers 200 (Richie Hawke Beattie’s team).











Photographer: Kaarin Willy-Lou, ‘Hoarfrost Along Angel Rocks Trail’.











Photographer: Susan Buist, ‘Snacking in the Sunshine’.











Photographer: Raena Rowland, ‘Sunset on the Kesugi Ridge Trail’.











Photographer: Cindy Lou Aillaud, ‘Tranquility on Little Lost Lake near Delta Junction, Alaska’.











Photographer: Alayne Stephens, ‘A Beautiful June Rugosa Rose’.











Photographer: Jennifer Cooper, ‘Serenity’.











Photographer: Michael Schultz, ‘Peek-a-boo’.










Photographer: Jessica Skipper, ‘Globetrotters’. Sandhill Cranes stop at Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge before the big migration south.











Photographer: Jessica Skipper, ‘Charlotte Grace’. Early New Years’ sun setting behind the Alaska Range north of Fairbanks.











Photographer: Stephen Sparrow, ‘A Bohemian Waxwing Eyeing a Crabapple Snack’.

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