Wind tower sections make the trek to Healy

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At the end of May, a ship from Korea containing 36 tower sections docked at the Port of Anchorage and  was offloaded. These tower sections were destined for our remote wind project – Eva Creek Wind – which is expected to come online in October of this year.

Twelve wind turbines, standing approximately 410 feet from base to blade, are being erected in Ferry, Alaska (about 14 miles from Healy). Together, these turbines have a generation capacity of almost 25 megawatts. To read more about the project, visit You’ll also find some great photo albums of the project which we are doing our best to keep up-to-date.

A complete turbine is made up of three sections of tower, a hub, a nacelle (sticks off the backside of a hub and houses the generating components like the drive train, gearbox, etc.) and three blades (not to mention all of the inside components). Watch as one tower section makes the trek from the Port of Anchorage to Healy.


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