Where does the power come from?

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Interior Alaska’s power supply doesn’t just come from one source. Nor is it all generated here in Fairbanks. The graph below shows the breakdown of our fuel supply in 2010:

2010: Beakdown of where GVEA's power came from


Oil: The biggest piece of the pie is oil, which is our most expensive fuel. You may have heard of our effort to Kick the Oil Habit, which includes three steps: building the Eva Creek Wind project, restarting the Healy Clean Coal Plant and trucking natural gas to Fairbanks.

Natural Gas: Natural gas accounted for 29 percent of our power generation last year. While we do not burn natural gas in our power plants – the volume of gas required is not available locally – we do purchase natural gas-fired power from the Anchorage area. The power comes up the Anchorage-Fairbanks Intertie.

Coal: Coal is a stable-priced fuel and Alaska has an abundant supply. GVEA does not own the Aurora Power Plant located in downtown Fairbanks, but we do purchase all of the power it generates. We also own and operate a coal-fired power plant in Healy. It is immediately adjacent to the Healy Clean Coal Power Plant.

Hydro: GVEA owns a 17 percent share of the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric dam located near Homer. It provides five percent of our power annually.

Wind and Solar: Co-op members who generate wind and solar power independently can choose to contribute power to GVEA’s SNAP program. About 50 members are SNAP producers today, but generate less than one percent of our total power supply. We’re looking forward to next year when we anticipate bringing 24-megawatts of wind online with the Eva Creek Wind project.


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