Todd Adams – Bio

District 7 Candidate
Nominated by committee

Primary Residence: Mile 315.1 Parks Hwy
Phone: 907-832-5809
Years in Alaska: 25 years
Occupation/Employer: Retired Senior Project Manager, Siemens Industry
Education: OSHA 30 with over 40 CEUs; Construction Quality Management, Over 40 Specific Siemens Project Management Certificates.
Personal interests/hobbies: I enjoy being an outdoorsman – retriever training and competition, hunting, fishing and farming. Other interests include Rokon motorcycles and researching old Alaska farming equipment.

Organization affiliation: AK Land Conservation Trust, VP of Land Use Resource Management, 2018-present; Fairbanks Retriever Club, member, Board Member, VP and President in various roles, 2000-present; American Chesapeake Club (national retriever club), member, field trial committee member, currently candidate for national board position, 2000-present.

Special interest/Community service: I am a problem-solver and believe that any system can be improved, for example, rebuilding an engine to balance performance, dependability and efficiency. I enjoy researching and learning about the ever-changing economic impacts of power distribution and deliveries. My professional career has been devoted to design and execution of utility monitoring and control systems on large-scale, complex sites for commercial, industrial and government sectors. The goal in each of these endeavors was dependability, consumer cost-savings and customer satisfaction.

Meet the Candidate Q&A

Why are you interested in running for a seat on GVEA’s board?

I feel I can contribute positively to this board of directors. Having been in large corporate structures and engaging with their methods of business, I believe I could facilitate the scaling of ideas to our local co-op model, providing new opportunities for members at-large and GVEA’s planning towards the future. I have practiced the practical applications and facilitated the cost benefit scenarios of numerous methodologies including duty cycling, peak demand limiting, and start stop time optimization for customers, based on utility companies’ various billing structures. As a long-time resident of Nenana who recently retired from my career, I have time available to commit and a strong interest in this field. If given the privilege of serving my local community and the larger region. I believe my experience can best be utilized by the co-op in making the most informed decisions, to provide the best, most effective services to members, especially regarding cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy sources.

What business, technical and governance knowledge, skills and experience will you bring to GVEA’s Board of Directors?

I am running for GVEA’s Board of Directors because my entire professional career has been in the field of energy. I have lived in Nenana for 25 years, working for a temperature control company out of Fairbanks serving the university, Clear AFB, other Alaska military bases, as well as numerous rural communities. I have been involved in electrical contracting and electrical control systems on large-scale, complex sites in state and out of state for over 40 years. My work has been optimizing consumption and providing reliability in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and critical lab environments for safety. I have served as an officer and member in several local organizations over the years: Arctic Investment Club, Fairbanks Retriever Club, and others. I believe my life-long experience and knowledge will benefit GVEA. Now that I have retired and have time, I am well poised to serve.

What do you perceive as your role and responsibilities as a GVEA Director? 

As a director, I believe we should act in the best interest of the entire Co-op. This means being responsible for the property, interests, and plans of all members. In addition, as a board member I will regularly review the budget within the strategic plan with a goal of maintaining reliable service. My responsibility is to make sure GVEA performs their duties within the rules of local, state, and federal policies and regulations in the most cost-effective manner. In this role, I will also monitor and review the CEO’s performance and effectiveness in guiding the Co-op.

What specific things would you like to accomplish as a GVEA Director? 

As a GVEA Director, I would like to ensure the Co-op builds trust, improves communication, and gains cost efficiencies. Further, I want to support the Co-op in sound business decisions, energy diversification, and staying abreast of developing technologies. I would like members to have a level of trust and understanding in the decisions being made by the board. The Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) serves as an avenue for input from members addressing concerns of each district and should be used to expand open lines of communication. Concerns and ideas presented by the MAC should be discussed and replied to. Members need to know their comments are being heard and considered. I believe the best functioning board can be achieved through a diversity of experience and people familiar with the complexities of business and technical aspects. This will build the level of confidence the Co-op has in the board.

What do you think should be GVEA’s energy goals and objectives?

I believe GVEA should continue with its Carbon Reduction Goal of a 26% reduction by 2030. This is an achievable goal that requires planning, constant monitoring in data-based research, and implementation in stages. We have both a geographic advantage and disadvantage in the Interior regarding this plan with wind, solar, and hydro. Advantages are primarily in the summer with wind and solar. Disadvantages due to the seasonal limitations in the winter force the need for supplemental sources. Reliability of service should be engineered into systems to ensure the expectations and needs of members are met throughout the year. The Co-op should communicate with customers to determine their needs, desires, and possible contributions. The Co-op should also seek private partnerships as potential producers when determining the most cost-efficient short- and long-term paths to reach this goal.

What would you do to position GVEA for the future? 

I would ensure the board maintains diligence concerning diversification while providing the best service for the best cost. We are in complex times globally with varying emphasis of strategies for different purposes, (economic, climate change, etc.) that are constantly changing locally, regionally, and nationally. Decisions made now by the board will impact GVEA long into the future. Depending on size and complexity, decisions could take many years to be analyzed, executed, and realized. If elected I would be honored to use my experience and skills to serve members of District 7 and the entire Co-op in this capacity.