Still holiday shopping? Check out these gadgets

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Bonus: they are low energy users

Light Therapy Visor

Light Therapy Visor

Trying to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything can be a nightmare. Here are a few fun gadgets to look into for this holiday season:


BioLite CampStove, $130

This stove is about the size of a Nalgene bottle and burns wood to create electricity. It’s a multi-tasker — put a pot on top of the stove and plug any USB friendly device into the side for charging. Don’t go without a charged camera battery in 2013.

CarBot from Desk Pets, $30 each

These little cars are controlled by an app on a smart phone (requires iOS or Android operating system). There is even a battle mode. At its fastest speed, the CarBot can cover about two feet per second. CarBots operate on their own frequencies, so can get together with a group of friends and race without interference.

And perhaps the BEST gift for the sun deprived:

Light Therapy Visor, $100

When the table top happy light is too bulky, grab this visor. The Light Therapy Visor is equipped with small LEDs that simulate daylight. Wear it for 30 minutes in the morning for increased energy and alertness. The visor might look nerdy, but at least it is portable. It even comes with its own travel pouch. Not a believer? Check out the reviews.


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