Safety City

Every year in the United States, approximately 1,000 people die from electrical injuries.  Approximately 400 of these are due to high-voltage electrical contacts.

As an Alaska resident, you have probably experienced the adverse weather conditions, rugged terrain and endless trees and foliage. During the short summer season, we often engage in construction activities, yard, property clearing and outdoor adventures.  Both the natural conditions and seasonal activities can cause outages (usually inadvertently) that impact Interior homes and businesses.

GVEA’s top priority is the safety of employees and members. We invite you to view and share our Safety City video presentation with your friends and family.

Always remember: If you see a power line on the ground, or you see something touching a power line, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Keep yourself and others away and call 911 and/or GVEA at 907-452-1151.


Norm Alden

Health & Safety Specialist

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