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Application deadline is 5pm on January 20, 2021, in GVEA’s Fairbanks office.

fourcolor-small-rgbIf you have been waiting for an opportunity to get involved in your cooperative, here is a good one. Nominating Committees in GVEA’s Districts 4 and 7 are seeking board of director applicants. If you live in one of these districts and are interested in serving, contact a member of your nominating committee. Alternatively, you can visit our website for the following information:

Directors attend monthly board meetings and frequent committee meetings. Some travel and national certification are required. On average, directors can expect to spend 500 hours a year on GVEA-related business. Board members are paid meeting fees and mileage.

District 4 Nominating Committee:

District 4 includes downtown Fairbanks, north of Airport Way and east of Peger Rd up to the Chena River; the subdivisions of Island Homes, Hamilton Acres, Shannon Park and Birchwood Homes; all areas east of the Steese Hwy heading north out of Fairbanks and south of Goldstream Rd, including Chena Hot Springs Rd; also Secluded Acres Subd, located east of Ft. Wainwright and north of the Chena River. Click HERE to view a map.

  • Angela Ritchie, chairperson: 907-394-7250
  • Katrina Abramowicz
  • David Forstrom
  • Ruth Knapman
  • Sue Sherif

District 7 Nominating Committee:

District 7 includes the areas of Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell. Click HERE to view a map.

  • Terry Hinman, chairperson: 907-973-7547
  • John Kelleher

Contact the District Nominating Committee chairperson in your district to express your interest in applying for GVEA’s Board of Directors or to suggest someone from your district.

Not sure which district you live in? Your district number is printed on your GVEA bill.


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