Recent photos from Eva Creek Wind

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It’s still on schedule! The crane (pictured) will stand all tower sections first (three sections per tower) and then attach the hub with the blades already attached. Here are some photos from recent visits to the site. For more project photos, visit:

The Alaska Railroad transported the hubs and tower sections from Healy to Ferry.

Eva Creek Project Manager Greg Wyman is pictured in front of the railroad bridge to Ferry.

Several of the 72 substation equipment foundations are pictured.

Tar sealant is applied to minor surface cracks in the turbine foundation prior to backfill.

The second tower section is added to one of the 12 turbine towers.

The turbine hub and blades are assembled on the ground and then lifted to the top of the tower.

That’s not the sea in the background, but it sure looks like it.

As of July 25, all tower base and mid-sections have been erected.

Mt. McKinley is pictured in the distance. The Northern Intertie (Healy to Fairbanks) passes through the Eva Creek Wind project.


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