Progress continues throughout GVEA’s service area

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7:00pm update – GVEA continues to make progress restoring power to members affected by the winter storm that hit earlier this week, and subsequently, caused the widespread power outage.

Unfortunately, an estimate as to how many meters are still in the dark is not currently available. However, we can provide some information on the crews.

There are 12 crews and field hands working outages right now, with another 3 crews expected to merge into the workforce after their rest period is over. That totals about 50 men in the field.

Two crews are continuing along the Parks Hwy. from Nenana towards town, working isolated outages.

Linemen continue to work in the Moose Creek area. They’ll continue down the Richardson Hwy., moving towards the areas of Salcha and Harding Lake.

One crew is dedicated to handling disconnects/reconnects at homes where repairs are needed to their service entrance equipment, as well as small repair jobs.

Another crew has been assigned to handle heavy repairs.

That leaves the remaining crews working in areas where a majority of the power was restored, but where small clusters of meters remain without power.

If the linemen need to shutoff the power for safety purposes, to remove a tree or make repairs, you may experience short outages. Please consider leaving sensitive equipment unplugged during this power-restoration period.

If your neighbors have power and you don’t (and everything otherwise looks okay), you may want to reset your main breaker, which is located at your meter.

Ways you can assist GVEA:

  • Keep your porch lights on, so the crews can easily determine which homes have power.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.
  • Do not attempt to cut trees out of power lines, since they may be energized.

Our Call Center (907-452-1151) remains open 24/7, and info@gvea.com is continuously monitored. We appreciate your patience as we work to restore power.

The next update is scheduled to go out at 8am tomorrow.

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