Power restored to another 1,000 meters

by | Oct 3, 2015 | Outages | 0 comments

We continue to make headway; power was restored to another 1,000 meters overnight. This leaves approximately 1,500 meters still without power.

Sixteen crews worked through the night and currently we have 18 in the field this morning. Nearly 70 linemen and field hands are working this outage which includes GVEA linemen and returning retired GVEA linemen, MEA crews and Fairbanks and Anchorage contractors.

A majority of members in the core areas of Fairbanks and North Pole have service restored. Crews are patrolling power lines and tracking down the problems that are causing the remaining outages in these core areas. As they work their way down power lines, they are removing trees, repairing damaged wire and transformers and replacing blown fuses.

The two crews that were working outages along the Parks Highway have restored power to the Healy area. They’ll continue working outages as they head north to Fairbanks.

We continue to have 2 dedicated service crews that are handling disconnects/reconnects for homes that need to make repairs to their service entrance equipment as well as small repair jobs.

We realize this has been an extended power outage for many of you. Unfortunately, we do not have estimates of when power will be restored to specific neighborhoods or individual residences. We can tell you we’re doing our best to get everyone back online. Repairs can take hours depending on the extent of the damage. It typically takes 1 ½ hours to change out a damaged transformer once a crew is onsite.

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