Power restored after snow storm

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9am update – all members who have reported outages caused by the recent snow storm are back online. Any members without power who have not contacted GVEA please call 452-1151. If you are without power due to repairs that need to be made – we want you to call as well so we can verify your status.

We still have linemen and field hands in the field working on clean up. There are sill repairs that need to be made and trees that need to be removed. We expect weakened trees to continue to fall into power lines due to ground water saturation.

All Anchorage linemen are on their way back south and as they headed down the Parks Hwy last night they continued to make repairs along the way.

Members who had damage to their service entrance equipment and need repairs, need to call us for a disconnect/reconnect.

We appreciate our members’ patience during this storm outage. We realize this was an extended outage for many of you.

Also, we want to say thank you to the number of people that worked behind the scenes to support our linemen’s’ efforts – including dispatchers, warehouse personnel, electricians, meter technicians, stakers, ROW brushers, mechanics and office staff. It was a team effort by all.


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