Policy Manual


Governance Policies

Title Page GVEA Board Policies Policy 2.8.1 Seating of Directors
Policy 1.1 GVEA Inc. Association Policies Policy 2.8.2 Orientation of New Directors
Policy 1.2 GVEA’s Vision, Mission and Values Policy 2.8.3 Director Education
Policy 1.3 Ethics Policy 2.8.4 Director Meeting Attendance
Policy 1.5 Foundation or Subsidiary Governance Policy 2.9.1 Administrative Committee
Policy 2.1 Authority and Function of Directors Policy 2.9.2 Finance, Audit and Rate Committee
Policy 2.1.1 Director’s Conflict of Interest Policy 3.1 President & Chief Executive Officer
Policy 2.2 Delegation of Authority by the Board of Directors to the President & CEO Policy 3.1.1 President & Chief Executive Officer Search and Selection
Policy 2.3 Relationship Between the Board of Directors and the President & CEO Policy 3.5 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities
Policy 2.4 Board Meetings Policy 5.1.1 Delegation of Treasurer’s Duties
Policy 2.4.1 Notice of Meetings and Workshops Policy 5.2 Uncollectible Accounts
Policy 2.5 Executive Sessions During Board Meetings Policy 5.4 Equity Development
Policy 2.6 Director’s Fees, Expenses and Transportation Policy 5.5 GVEA Debt Limit
Policy 2.6.1 Nominating Committees Policy 6.8 Environmental Compliance
Policy 2.7 Qualification of Directors Policy 6.9 Legal Representation by General Counsel
Policy 2.8 Election of Officers Policy 7.1.4 Planning Policy

Member-Related Policies

Policy 1.4 Identity Theft Prevention Policy Policy 7.3  Meeting of Members
Policy 5.3 Capital Credits Policy 7.4 Communications
Policy 6.4 Membership in Organizations Policy 7.5 Non-Utility Power Producers and Generators
Policy 6.5 Power Line Right-Of-Way Maintenance Policy 8.1  Member Advisory Committee
Policy 7.1 Energy Conservation Policy 8.2 Employee and Member Surveys
Policy 7.1.5 Outage Survival Communication Policy 8.3  Scholarship Program
Policy 7.2 Member Request Policy Policy 9.2 Tobacco Use