Photos from a recent trip to the Eva Creek Wind site

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We took a trip out to the wind project site in Ferry last Friday to get some photos.

While it wasn’t raining, it sure was overcast and windy at the top of the hill. The big towers are the Northern Intertie, which bisects the Eva Creek Wind project (making for easier connectivity to GVEA’s electric grid).

The wildlife viewing consisted of a couple ground squirrels. Look to the far right to find the squirrel.

The fireweed was in full bloom. Does that mean summer is coming to an end? Hope not.

GVEA has been studying wind in the Eva Creek area for many years. One of the seven testing towers installed can be viewed in this photo (it has been circled since it fades into the sky).

The sky began to clear on our way down the hill.

 “Once we are finished with this project, other than the towers, the landscape will look very similar,” said Cheryl Laudert, Land Management Supervisor who has been working on the Eva Creek Wind project. “We won’t have to cut down any trees up here in this vast, open space.”


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