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What’s all the hype about pressure cookers?

“My friend said she saved some money on her electric bill by switching to a pressure cooker. She’s also saving a bunch of time. I have noticed they’ve become more popular. What’s all the hype?” asked a member. Pressure cookers in one form or another have been around...

GVEA vs. a diesel generator

“I’m so tired of high electric rates. I’m going to get a generator. Wouldn’t that be cheaper?” emailed a member recently. The short answer is no. Here’s why: The average residential member consumes 700 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month. Given GVEA’s current...

$15,650 of Good¢ents funds awarded

The first round of grants was awarded to three local non-profit agencies and two individuals in need. Here’s a breakdown: North Star Council on Aging: $10,000 awarded for the purchase of a new delivery truck for the “Meals on Wheels” program. This program delivers...


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