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Eva Creek Wind Update: How’s it doing?

It’s doing well! The project is meeting our expectations. In fact, during these winter months (the windiest months of the year) the wind resources have been greater than anticipated resulting in higher power output than expected. All 12 turbines were online and fully...

Good¢ents trustees award $45,500

In mid-February, the Good¢ents Board of Trustees met to review applications from organizations and individuals. The trustees meet quarterly. They awarded grants totaling approximately $45,500 to the following seven organizations and two individuals: $10,000 to the...

GVEA named Wind Cooperative of the Year

Fairbanks’ local electric cooperative was named Wind Cooperative of the Year in the category of distribution cooperatives on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The award was presented at the NRECA TechAdvantage...

No vision benefits? Check this out.

If you are a GVEA member, you are eligible to participate in the Co-op Connections Card program. Besides offering savings at many local businesses including Badger Glass, In My Element, Music Mart, Jazzercise, Miracle Ear, Alpine Lodge, Bobby’s Downtown, Papa Murphy’s...

How long does it take a house to freeze at 40 below?

Without heat, a well-insulated house (heated to 70° Fahrenheit) will freeze in six hours given an outside temperature of -40° F. At 50 below, the temperature in the house will dip below 32° F in five hours or less. While your electric cooperative has a great...

How is Eva Creek Wind doing?

As of December 31, 2012, all 12 turbines are online and producing power. Even with just 10 of the 12 turbines online, Eva Creek Wind had a great December. It operated at a 53 percent capacity factor, which is slightly above our forecasts. The capacity factor...

Change three habits to lower your electric bills

It’s never easy to change your living habits, but what if we told you that just a few changes could lower your electric usage considerably. Would you consider making the change? Plug your car into a timer and save $48 per month. Plugging in an average car (1,000 watt...

Utility Charge to increase January 1

On January 1, 2013, the Utility Charge portion of a residential electric bill will increase from $0.09004 to $0.09597 per kilowatt-hour. Commercial and industrial members will see the increase to this charge on their bills as well. The rate change will also affect the...


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