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GVEA’s cost of power drops slightly

The Fuel & Purchased Power Charge decreased slightly from $0.09631 to $0.09496.  This is the second consecutive quarter that this charge has decreased.  Since March 2013, this charge has dropped 14 percent. This charge covers the fuel costs to operate our local...

Scholarship deadline approaches

Do you know someone who could use help with school? Every year, GVEA awards eight scholarships to local area students. Seven are awarded in April at our annual meeting and the eighth is awarded in August. To be eligible for a GVEA scholarship, the applicant or member...

Winds could cause blinks or outages

Winds could cause blinks or outages

Thursday, December 12 @ 10:50 a.m. – Weather Service is indicating winds may pick up tonight through Thursday evening. Members may experience blinking lights due to snow or ice offloading from power lines or trees hitting power lines.

Power restored after snow storm

Tuesday, December 10 @ 8 a.m. – All members who have reported outages caused by yesterday’s heavy snowfall are back online. The only outages remaining are a few members on Chena Hot Springs Rd.


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