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RCA approves early Fuel & Purchase Power adjustment

The RCA has approved GVEA's request to lower the Fuel & Purchase Power (F&PP) charge one month early.  The new F&PP charge will be in effect Feb. 1 through May 31, 2015.  The net effect on all electric bills will be a decrease of 12%. To learn more about...

Scammers are back at it

Utilities around the country are reporting an increase in scam attempts, and Fairbanks is no exception. Just today, GVEA has received numerous calls from members providing details of calls they’ve received this morning. With today’s calls, the scammers, who identify...

Scholarship Opportunities (Distributed by GVEA and APA)

Not only are there seven GVEA scholarships up for grabs, but we've just learned of another opportunity through the Alaska Power Assn. GVEA's Scholarships:  To be eligible for a GVEA scholarship, the applicant (or a member of the applicant's immediate family) must be a...

Good¢ents Trustees Award More Grants

In mid-November, the Good¢ents Board of Trustees reviewed 22 applications and awarded seven grants totaling $37,623. Here is the breakdown of the recent awards: • Pioneer Air Museum – $2,000 grant to be applied towards the purchase of archival equipment and supplies....

Scholarship Application Window Opens

Every year, GVEA awards eight scholarships to local area students. Seven are awarded in April at our annual meeting, and the eighth is awarded in August. To be eligible for a GVEA scholarship, the applicant or a member of the applicant’s immediate family must be a...

How long should a well-maintained car be plugged in?

If your car has been winterized, you should have a plug coming out the front end of your car.  Most winterization kits include an engine block heater, a battery pad heater, an oil pan heater and a three-way cord with a lighted end (so you can plug in all of these...


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