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CCHRC Offers Two GVEA-Sponsored Workshops in October

Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) will be conducting two workshops during the month of October, which GVEA is sponsoring. Consider attending one or both workshops. Making a Back-up Plan for Power Outages Learn all about portable electric generators...

GVEA Board Mtg (Mon, Sept 26 at 6:30pm)

Board Meeting Notice: GVEA's Board of Directors will meet for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, Sept 26, in the GVEA Board Room, 758 Illinois St. Open session begins at 6:30pm, and members are welcome to attend. To view the agenda, click here.

Phone Issues During Outage Probably Tied to Cell Phone Towers

GVEA conducted research into comments received from members about not being able to get through to GVEA's phone system during the widespread outage that occurred Tuesday night. This was of significant importance to GVEA, since we were assured that the Interactive...

Interior experiences widespread outages

Thursday 8:12am - power has been restored to Delta. Trees falling into the powerline were the culprit. Thursday 4:40am update - we're showing approximately 900 members out in the Delta area of Nistler Rd, Remington Rd., the Clearwater area. Crews have been dispatched....

More Good¢ents Grants Awarded

The Good¢ents Board of Trustees met in August. They reviewed six applications and awarded six grants totaling $48,980.  Here’s a summary of these recent grants: Alaska Health Fair: $12,000 grant to go towards the purchase of Bone Densitometry equipment. Breast Cancer...

Fuel & Purchased Power Charge Reduced

GVEA’s Fuel and Purchased Power (F&PP) rate (effective for the three-month period of Sept. 1 through Nov. 30, 2016) is $0.08365 per kWh. This is a decrease of 9.15 percent from the previous F&PP. The F&PP reflects GVEA’s projected costs for fuel and/or...

GVEA & CIRI Re-start Negotiations

Golden Valley Electric Assn. (GVEA) and Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI) released a joint press release today, which announces the re-start of negotiations for GVEA to purchase the wind power from CIRI's planned Fire Island Wind, Phase 2 Project. To read the press...

Rate Case Evolves into Membership Meetings

After working on the General Rate Case for the past year, noted progress has been made. Before finalizing this work, members will be shown GVEA’s Cost of Service results, as well as the proposed rates GVEA’s board is considering. There will be an opportunity for...

Series of Widespread Outages Hit Interior

Over the past nine days, GVEA's system handled three widespread outages, plus various smaller outages. At the time of each of these large outages, GVEA was purchasing power over the Intertie from utilities located in south-central Alaska. Here's what we know:...

Update Your Phone Number With GVEA

When you call to report an outage and we have your current phone number on file, our Outage Management System recognizes your location, compares it with any known outages and alerts our staff. This enables us to dispatch a repair crew more quickly and efficiently. If...


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