Mid-day update on major outage

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Outages | 0 comments

12:50pm update:  Crews and field hands continue to work in round-the-clock rotations. We’ll have two Matanuska Electric Assn. crews merging into the rotation later today as well, complete with bucket trucks and snow machines.

We’re asking for only those members who have not made contact with GVEA to do so. This means only those members who have not gotten through on the phone lines (907-452-1151) and/or only those members who have not received an email back from GVEA (i.e. info@gvea.com) specifically confirming their information has been received and input into the Outage System. Many members have repeatedly called and/or sent emails; we understand your frustration, but this is hampering our efforts to hear from those members still without power for the first time.

Many members may be without power for several more days. The American Red Cross has established two warming-shelter facilities. In Fairbanks, it’s the University Community Presbyterian Church at 3510 College Rd.  In North Pole, it’s the North Pole Fire Station Annex at 110 Lewis St.  (Note: This is the ONLY assistance the Red Cross will be providing in response to this major power outage.)  If you require further emergency assistance, please call 911.

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