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“I recently received a post card inviting me to attend a free dinner and hear about ways to lower my utility bills. Should I purchase the products this company is offering?” asked a member recently.

GVEA has had a few calls from members regarding post cards offering a “free” dinner at various local restaurants to discuss ways of lowering your utility bills. These gatherings are often an opportunity to pitch a special type of insulation, air ventilation or other products that claim to significantly lower utility bills. Look out for energy-saving products that seem “too good to be true.”  Energy-saving products or programs that work typically sell themselves.

To save energy in your home, try some of these less-expensive, proven tactics:

  • Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs.
  • Plug electronics into Smart Strip power strips to take control of “vampire” electronics.
  • Be sure you keep the lint screen clean in your dryer.
  • Beef up your home’s fiberglass or foam insulation.
  • Use timers when plugging in your vehicle.
  • Install programmable thermostats to lower the temperature in your house at night and when you are away.
  • Remember, anytime electricity is involved, hire a licensed electrical contractor to ensure the equipment is installed safely.
  • Consider signing up for a Home$ense energy audit; the products and information received will be well worth your time.

Before you purchase a high-priced, energy-saving product from a seminar or sign up for a program that sounds too good to be true, please think twice.

Note:  If you do decide to attend one of these free dinners, we would be interested to know what you think – shoot us an email at info@gvea.com.

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