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Thanks for your interest in learning more about how Golden Valley Electric generates and distributes power within Interior Alaska. Below is an abbreviated list of our generation facilities.

While GVEA does give tours on occasion, it's not something that is done on a frequent or regular basis. If a tour is coordinated, it usually involves a special group with a specific interest and is planned well in advance. If you're interested in a tour, please contact GVEA's Public Relations Section at 907-452-1151 or pr@gvea.com

Sould a tour be scheduled, keep in mind that participants are required to wear thick-soled boots or tennis shoes when touring the facilities. Hard hats and safety glasses are also required and will be provided by GVEA.


Eva Creek Wind Farm

evacreek-1-2Eva Creek Wind Farm is located 14 miles from Healy at the top of the 10-mile gravel Ferry Road. A railroad/pedestrian bridge spans the Nenana River and provides the only access to the Ferry Road. The Ferry Road is public, and anyone is welcome to ride their bike or hike up to the Eva Creek Wind site.

There are 12 turbines at Eva Creek Wind Farm. Once up top, you’ll have a great view of them. Unfortunately, because these are working generators, there is no access to peek inside.

  1. In lieu of a site tour, we offer a video, which explains the construction history of this project. You cal also read more about this project.
  2. The Eva Creek Wind Farm is visible from the Parks Hwy. As you're headed north from Healy, look to the right in the vicinity of Milepost 263.
  3. For classroom resources on "Alaska Renewables," please contact Melody Moen with Alaska Center for Energy and Power at melody@alaska.edu.


Zehnder Power Plant (Plus GVEA History & Electo Motive Deisels)

Zehnder was established in 1972. It’s an oil-fired power plant and has a generation capacity of about 40 megawatts. The plant is located behind GVEA's Fairbanks offices on Illinois Street.

If a tour of this plant is scheduled, it would be brief (i.e. less than an hour). Discussion would include GVEA's history and an overview of all GVEA generation facilities.


North Pole Expansion Power Plant

Established in 2006, this is one of our newer generation facilities. It runs on naphtha (a cleaner burning fuel) and can generate up to 60 MW of electricity. This power plant is located next to our older North Pole Power Plant, which came online in 1976.

  1. In lieu of a site tour, we offer an online tour of this power plant.
  2. Should a site tour be scheduled, it would take about one hour, and visitors are responsible for their own transportation to the power plant. If coordinating a tour for a school group, please keep in mind that we ask that the students be at least 15 years old.


BESS - Battery Energy Storage SystemBESS Forklift

GVEA brought the BESS online in 2003. It can provide 27 MW of power for 15 minutes. This gives us enough time to start up local generation when there are problems with the Intertie or power plants in Anchorage or Fairbanks. The BESS is housed in a local Fairbanks warehouse.

  1. In lieu of a site tour, we offer a short video about the BESS or read more about it.
  2. Should a site-tour be scheduled, the tour would take about one hour. You’ll get to see the batteries up close, learn about how they work and what they do behind the scenes for our cooperative. Due to the more complex subject matter, this tour is not recommended for children.


Healy Power Station

Located in Healy, Alaska, about two hours south of Fairbanks. It's positioned right next to the Usibelli Coal Mine, which is who supplies the fuel for these two units.

  • Healy Unit 1 - It was established in 1967 and can generate up to 25 MW of power. Though one of our oldest plants, it is one of the most economical to operate.
  • Healy Unit 2 - Has a long history, which can be read here. It is positioned right next to Healy Unit 1 and can generate up to 50 MW of power.
    • Should a site tour be scheduled, the tour would take about approx. two hours.

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