Healy Unit 1 Member Meetings

Strategic Generation Plan

Click HERE to view the June 27, 2022 special board meeting presentation slides given by GVEA consultant, Mike Hubbard.               

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By December 31, 2022, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) must decide whether to add additional emission controls to our Healy Unit 1 plant, or to shut it down. Healy Unit 1 is 28-megawatt coal-fired power plant located in Healy that came online in 1967 and has proven very reliable over the years.

Under the terms of a 2012 Consent Decree with the Environmental Protection Agency, GVEA must either install a new environmental control system (SCR) on Healy Unit 1, (cost of approximately $30 million) or retire the plant. Whatever decision is ultimately made must be fully implementation by December 31, 2024.

GVEA’s employees, consultants and the board have spent much of the past 18 months evaluating a multitude of options. Throughout this process, GVEA has modeled more than a 100 different generation scenarios and has evaluated various assumptions and risks while also focusing on ensuring that GVEA can always meet its mission to provide safe, reliable electric service to our members at fair and reasonable prices.

At this time, no decision regarding Healy 1 has been made. A decision will be made by the GVEA Board of Directors in June, during a public board meeting.

Public Meetings

GVEA held two member meetings to discuss the future of Healy Unit 1. The purpose of these meetings was to share information about the Healy 1 decisional process, the scope and complexity of the decision, modeling that has been done to date and that continues to be done and the various assumptions and risk factors that need to be considered.

Both meetings were streamed live on GVEA’s Facebook page.

Recordings are available below:

Meeting Coverage

GVEA’s choices: Close Healy coal plant or upgrade it (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)

The cost of shutting down the Healy Unit 1 Power Plant would be more than the $30 million price tag to install a new environmental control system, according to the 30 people who testified Monday night at a special meeting.

Fairbanks residents split on Healy plant’s future (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)

Fairbanks residents weighed in on the future of the Healy Unit 1 Power Plant during a public meeting at the Westmark Hotel Wednesday night. Golden Valley Electric Association’s board of directors faces a decision.


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