Healy Power Plant

Healy Power Plant is composed of two generating units:

  • Healy Unit 1:
    • 28-megawatt
    • Operational since 1967
  • Healy Unit 2:
    • 60-megawatt
    • Began burning coal in 1998, but was placed in warm-layup status until it was purchased from Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) in December 2013 and came back online in May 2015
    • The plant has been commercially operated since September 2018
    • More information on Healy Unit 2 can be found here

Coal Ash Handling Systems:  Each generating unit has a different system.

  • Healy Unit 1: The existing coal ash handling system, constructed in the 1990s, consists of a primary settling pond (Ash Pond), a Recirculating Pond, an Emergency Overflow Pond, and an Ash Drying Area (defined as a CCR landfill by the CCR Rule). All three ponds are incised with storage volume less than 20 acre-feet and height less than 20 feet. Coal ash from the Ash Pond is placed in the Ash Drying Area where excess water drains and evaporates prior to transport and disposal at Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM). The ash settling ponds and the Ash Drying Area make up the four CCR units regulated under the CCR Rule.
  • Healy Unit 2:  A dry handling process is used to manage the generated coal ash. Unit 2’s coal ash is intermediately stored in silos prior to transport and disposal at the UCM.