GVEA restores power to another 500 meters

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6:30pm update – Another 500 meters have had power restored today, which leaves approx. 2,500 meters still in the dark. We’re reaching that stage where the numbers start to decline as the c10-1-15 SRa (web sm)rews work the more difficult situations. Much of this work is off road, so the crews are significantly slowed down. The access to these areas is by foot, snow machine and sometime bearcat (all-terrain vehicle).

There are 13 crews and field hands working outages tonight in outlying areas and in neighborhoods throughout Fairbanks and North Pole. Around-the-clock rotations will continue, as our GVEA linemen benefit from the assistance provided by GVEA returning retired linemen, MEA crews and Fairbanks and Anchorage contractors. We will retain these extra hands as long as possible or until the work is complete.

Tonight, one crew is heading down the Parks Hwy. to work isolated outages in the Nenana and Healy areas; they’ll hit the road as soon as their truck is fully stocked.

Another crew is dedicated to work isolated outages in areas where a majority of the power was restored. These were situations where the crews were redirected to work outages that could return power to a larger number of meters.

As reported earlier, one crew continues to work disconnect/reconnect situations for those members who need to make repairs to their service entrances.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather continues to cooperate.


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