GVEA meter techs help to locate isolated outages

by | Oct 3, 2015 | Outages | 0 comments

If you’ve seen GVEA meter techs driving through your neighborhood during the outage, be assured they’re not collecting data to generate monthly electric bills.

No, that has been suspended as we work to restore power throughout our service area.

The meter techs are helping to identify meters still without power.

When they drive through the neighborhoods, their meter-reading equipment “pings” meters with a signal. When the data is brought back to the office and downloaded, the reports identify each meter that is still out of power (i.e. meters that did not register a “ping”).

This is just one more way GVEA is working to identify isolated outages and get power restored as quickly as possible.

Again, your patience is greatly appreciated, as we work this widespread outage.

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