Good¢ents Program

Every month, thousands of GVEA members round up their bills to the nearest dollar. Members pay approximately $6 per year to the Good¢ents program. North Star Imagination Library encourages literacy by putting books in the hands of Interior preschoolers – they are just one of many local nonprofits that benefit from the Good¢ents program. Thank you, GVEA members!

Building a Stronger Community

Good¢ents is a voluntary round up program funded by the members of Golden Valley Electric Association. It began on March 1, 2011.

Good Cents LogoGood¢ents rounds up a monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar. For example, a monthly bill of $97.65 would be rounded up to $98.00, with the additional 35 cents going to the Good¢ents fund. This small change, an average about 50 cents per month, raises thousands of dollars every year that go to building a stronger community.

Nonprofit organizations, meeting our criteria, are welcome to apply for Good¢ents funds. A six-member, volunteer board of trustees reviews applications quarterly and selects projects or programs (within GVEA’s service territory) to be funded.

Good¢ents announcements are shared on GVEA’s blog. For a list of award recipients, scroll to the bottom of this page. 


The Application  Click on the link to access the application:

Organization Application

Note: Please ensure that you complete and submit the most current application linked above.

The annual application deadlines are: January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for funds?
Nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations that meet our criteria are welcome to apply. Groups based outside of our service territory can apply if their projects positively impact community members in our service territory.

Why should I participate?
Good¢ents is a simple way to give back to your community – just a few cents a month makes a big impact. We can do far more together than we could alone. The average member will give $6 per year; that’s only 50 cents per month. This small change adds up to large investments. In total, over $1.3 million in Good¢ents grants have been given to Interior nonprofits. 

If I have multiple accounts, will they all be rounded up?
Yes. Every GVEA account will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. If you would prefer only certain accounts participate, please contact us at (907) 452-1151.

Are my contributions tax deductible? Come tax time, how will I know how much I contributed over the year?

Yes, these contributions can be considered tax deductible, charitable donations. On your bill during first quarter of each year, we will include a line indicating how much you contributed over the previous year.

What are the grant amount guidelines?
Up to $15,000 within a 12-month period per organization.

Who reviews applications and selects which projects or programs will be funded?
A volunteer, six-member board of trustees oversees the Good¢ents program. These individuals are listed on the left side bar of this page.

Who chose to implement this round-up program?
In the spring of 2010, all GVEA members were mailed Bylaw election ballots. The addition of a round-up program, or Good¢ents, was one of the ballot initiatives members were asked to vote on. More than 70 percent voted in favor of a round up program.

Why does GVEA automatically enroll everyone in the program rather than asking members to join?
GVEA’s Member Advisory Committee and Board of Directors considered the benefit of automatically enrolling all members versus voluntary enrollment. Research showed that we would have much better involvement with automatic enrollment, not because members wouldn’t want to participate, but because most people simply wouldn’t take the initiative to contact us to sign up. The program is voluntary in the sense that a member can choose not to participate at any time. 

Access Alaska




Good¢ents grant recipient – Access Alaska.   

What do I do if I don’t want to participate in Good¢ents?
If you choose not to participate, all you have to do is call GVEA at 907-452-1151 (or toll-free at 1-800-770-4832) or email goodcents@gvea.com.
Additionally, if at any time within the first three years of the start of your GVEA membership you decide you want a refund of any contributions made to this program, let us know; a refund of the entire amount you’ve contributed can be applied to your account.

Curling Club






Good¢ents grant recipient – Fairbanks Curling Club. 


Good¢ents Grants – Previous Years

May 2022   •   February 2022

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November 2012   •   August 2012   •   February 2012

November 2011   •   July 2011



GVEA at a Glance

Good¢ents Board of Trustees

Chris Bunch image

Chris Bunch
GVEA Board Representative
1-yr Term Expires Dec 2021


Bernard Gatewood

Bernard Gatewood
Serving on Seat A
3-yr Term Expires Dec 2023


Paula Newton
Serving on Seat C
3-yr Term Expires Dec 2022


Bobbie Ortiz
Serving on Seat C
3-yr Term Expires Dec 2025


Mike Cook

Mike Cook
Serving on Seat D
3-yr Term Expires Dec 2021


Heather Lambert

Heather Lambert
Serving on Seat D
3-yr Term Expires Dec 2022