Good¢ents Trustees Award More Grants

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In early March 2015, the Good¢ents Board of Trustees reviewed 12 applications and awarded 10 grants totaling $43,499.27.  Here’s a breakdown of the recent grants:

  • Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks:  $3,000 to be used for trail improvements
  • The Winter Bear Project:  $6,950 to be used on the production of a documentary on teen suicide prevention
  • Fairbanks Rescue Mission:  $8,000 towards the purchase of a printer/copier/fax machine
  • Love INC:  $3,194.27 to be used to upgrade lighting.
  • Breast Cancer Detection:  $5,000 to be applied towards the purchase of the 3-D Tomosynthesis machine
  • Bread Line’s Stone Soup Café:  $2,500 towards the installation expense on a  lighting upgrade
  • Midnight Sun Council / Boy Scouts:  $4,000 towards the purchase of a canoe and canoe trailer
  • American Red Cross:  $2,500 towards the purchase of Red Cross Go-Kits
  • Healy Hockey Association:  $5,355 to be used to upgrade lighting
  • North Star Dance Foundation:  $3,000 (in a matching grant) towards the installation of commercial heat recovery ventilators

All grants from the Good¢ents Foundation are awarded to local nonprofit organizations and individuals in need. Applications are reviewed quarterly in February, May, August and November by a volunteer board of trustees. The next application deadline is April 30, 2015. Applications and more information about the program can be found online here.

Good¢ents is funded by the members of Golden Valley Electric Association. Since the program began in 2011, GVEA members have funded grants totaling $444,500 to local nonprofits and individuals in need.

Thank you to all the members who voluntarily “roundup” their monthly invoice amount to the next dollar. The cents you contribute is really making a difference in our communities.



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