Good¢ents helps non-profits expand food assistance

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Goodcents Program | 0 comments

After reviewing 10 applications, the Good¢ents trustees awarded funds to the following seven applicants in February. Here is a breakdown:

  • Individual: $4,600 helped cover transportation, temporary housing and boarding expenses for an individual undergoing emergency medical treatment for a terminal health condition. The Good¢ents funds allowed this individual to receive medical treatment that would otherwise not have been possible.
  • Denali Preschool: $1,400 towards the purchase of indoor and outdoor playground equipment.
  • Dance Theatre Fairbanks: $2,500 towards building remodel. The dance theater is located in the old fire station downtown and offers classes from ballet to tap and yoga for all ages. The funds will be used towards the purchase of building materials to make the theater more energy efficient. Countless volunteers will perform the labor to make the necessary renovations.
  • Fairbanks Food Bank: $2,900 to facilitate a one-time computer system upgrade. The Food Bank relies on its aging computer system to communicate with food recipients, volunteers and donors. It also uses it to keep track of inventory and records. This new upgrade will ensure that it functions properly.
  • Deltana Community Service Partnership: $5,000 towards the repair or replacement of a broken down box truck. The Deltana CSP is an extension of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. It delivers food to nearly 150 families in need in the Delta area and relies heavily on the box truck for obvious reasons.
  • Eielson High School: $430 to purchase a computer to use for the Real World Design Challenge project. The school only has Apple computers and needed a PC for students to be able to participate in this nationwide competition.
  • Bread Line: $5,000 towards the renovation of the facility. The renovation will enlarge the facility to accommodate more people. The Bread Line serves more than 550 local residents each week.

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