Eileen Williams – Bio

Occupation/Employer: Owner and Senior Project Manager, Copper Current, Inc.

Education: Master’s Certification in Project Management, Villanova University | Senior Executive Leadership Certification, Georgetown University

Personal interests/hobbies: I am actively involved in the community, having served on various boards, including: Delta Chamber of Commerce, Alaska State Parks Citizens Advisory Board and Delta Greely School District. When time allows, I enjoy the outdoors and while at home I enjoy some quiet time with my three small dogs.

Organization affiliation: Board member (2014 to present) and President (2021-present), Delta Greely School Board.

Why are you interested in running for a seat on GVEA’s board?

I am interested in running for a seat because I genuinely care about the future of our community. I am open-minded and desire to understand the needs of our district and our state. I want to be a voice for all members. I believe it is important for any organization to have a sound fiscal plan, so that decisions about utilizing financial resources can be made appropriately. Equally, I believe it’s important to have goals and a plan for achieving them. If elected, I will apply my professional knowledge and experience and am willing to serve the board in whatever capacity is required. I will strive to understand the needs of the board and that of our members, so that I may contribute to strengthening relationships with stakeholders and further develop lasting partnerships.

What business, technical and governance knowledge, skills and experience will you bring to GVEA’s Board of Directors?

As a professional project manager for more than 26 years, a business owner in the construction industry for 10 years and as an elected official serving the local Delta Greely School Board for 8 years, I excel in collaborating with diverse teams. Throughout my professional career and while serving various community organizations as a board member, I have applied project management methodology and senior executive leadership experience to address challenges, to improve productivity and to achieve goals. Specific areas of focus that I apply include fully understanding the needs of all stakeholders, being fiscal responsible while developing economic growth, clearly identifying goals, as well as monitoring, and measuring accomplishments.

 What do you perceive as your role and responsibilities as a GVEA Director?

Reviewing GVEA’s performance through the careful review of plans and budgets. Working with other members of the board and outside subject matter experts in developing and implementing initiatives that will improve the organization overall.

 What specific things would you like to accomplish as a GVEA Director?

As a new GVEA Director it will be imperative that I become familiar with the needs of our members and to understand how GVEA is measuring it accomplishments in achieving its short term and long term Strategic Directives.

 What do you think should be GVEA’s energy goals and objectives?

Diversifying energy resources working with real-world experts to ensure we can achieve goals, that will allow us to expand our ability to provide low-cost and reliable energy to our members. Striking the right balance between providing affordable energy while ensuring we are responsible stewards of our natural resources, maintaining awareness of our potential impact on the environment.

 What would you do to position GVEA for the future?

Innovators recognize when there’s a need for improvement and they use logic, reason and creativity to identify solutions to those needs. To position GVEA for the future, we need to engage and work closely with those striving and committed to finding innovative ways to meet our evolving needs.