Crews continue to make progress

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10:45am Update – It’s estimated that approximately 1,000 meters are still without power, so progress continues. Twelve crews worked through the night and currently we have 16 in the field.

If you are still without power we want to talk with you – person to person on the phone. Please call our Call Center 907-452-1151… and Facebook are not the means of communications at this stage of power restoration.

Linemen continue to work down the Richardson Hwy as well as the Parks Hwy on isolated outages.

Four crews are assigned to handle heavy repairs – damaged wire and transformers, broken poles and crossarms and replacing blown fuses.

One crew is dedicated to handling disconnects/reconnects at homes where repairs are needed to service entrance equipment, as well as small repair jobs.

The remaining crews are working in areas where a majority of the power was restored, but where small clusters of meters remain without power.

GVEA’s Call Center will attempt to contact our members if we believe that power has been restored. These are simply courtesy calls and a means to close out an outage ticket within our Outage Management System. Since the Call Center is manned 24/7, be aware that these calls can be made anytime during the day, even in the middle of the night.


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