Chris Bunch – Bio

Occupation/Employer: Project Manager, TCI Construction Company, Inc.

Education: 5 year apprenticeship with Local 375

Personal interests/hobbies: I enjoy playing and coaching hockey. I play on a couple of adult men’s hockey teams as well as coach my son’s (12u and 10U) hockey teams. I love the outdoors and taking my kids hunting, snowmachining, fishing and to ride dirt bikes.

Organization affiliation: Golden Valley Electric Association, Director (2013-present), Pension Committee member, UA Local 375 (2016-2021)

Why are you interested in running for a seat on GVEA’s board?

I am running for re-election on GVEA’s board of directors to be a proactive member of our co-op and to help rein in energy costs and promote economic growth in the Interior. As a contributing member of the co-op, I want to provide new ideas and be a part of the decisions that impact our community. I feel that my experience on the board for the past nine years has provided me with the opportunity to be a voice for my district and gain the knowledge of GVEA’s operations. I would like to continue to be a part of achieving the long term goals that the board has set for the co-op such as moving Golden Valley towards more renewable energy sources, exploring broadband and evaluating the legacy decisions in regards to our older generating units.

What business, technical and governance knowledge, skills and experience will you bring to GVEA’s Board of Directors?

As a supervisor/project manager for a local construction company, I believe that I can provide GVEA’s board with my construction experience and knowledge. I have previously served on my union’s pension and executive committees, so I am familiar with union contracts and pension funds. I have served on the Golden Valley Board of Directors for the past 9 years and have obtained specific training, knowledge and experience related to our local co-op and issues related to power generation and distribution.

What do you perceive as your role and responsibilities as a GVEA Director?

As a GVEA director, I will bring a construction prospective to the board.  With my background, I will provide critical input and ideas on new projects and current projects, look after the financial health of our co-op, as well as be an advocate for my district and community.  As a director, I will communicate current activities as well as be accessible to GVEA’s members.

What specific things would you like to accomplish as a GVEA Director?

As a director, I would like to oversee the implementation of natural gas to our community and to the power generation of GVEA.  I would also like to help keep GVEA a leader in renewable energy in Alaska.  A goal that I will actively help pursue would be to lower the energy costs to the interior whether it be for GVEA utility generation or to my own residence. One other goal I find very important as well is to have GVEA provide broad band internet services to our community. In this day and age, internet is a necessity, and our community is lacking in affordable and reliable providers; I believe GVEA could fill this void.

What do you think should be GVEA’s energy goals and objectives?

GVEA’s energy goals and objectives should be to provide the lowest cost of produced power in our community irregardless of the source; gas, wind, hydroelectric or coal.  GVEA should strive to be a leader in innovative products that help manage the energy needs and costs of the interior. Our energy needs to be reasonable in price as well as environmentally friendly in order to grow our economy.

What would you do to position GVEA for the future?

To position GVEA for the future, I would pursue economical long term energy supplies and alternate energy sources. If we can provide broad band internet service to our community, I believe this could also help subsidize energy costs as it has for other CO-OP’s in the lower 48.  As a director, by pursing these long term goals and seeking innovative technologies, I can help place GVEA in a strong financial position.