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Three scams that could affect you

Last week, a member received a phone call from someone claiming to be a GVEA employee. The caller told the member that his power would be turned off if credit card payment information wasn’t given right away. Fortunately, this member was skeptical and contacted GVEA....

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Telephone scam alert – beware!

We've reported on telephone scams before, but this time it's a bit different. There is another telephone scam going around involving GVEA members. A member received a phone call last week from someone claiming to be a GVEA employee. The caller told the members that...

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Beware of free food; it may come with a scam

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… The little green postcards are making their way around town again and they aren't from GVEA. While a free dinner at the Turtle Club with your significant other might sound tempting, beware: there is a catch. These...

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Beware of possible telephone scams

We were just alerted to a possible telephone scam involving GVEA members. A member received a phone call on Saturday from someone claiming to be a GVEA employee who needed to update her credit card information. Fortunately, the member was skeptical and did not provide...

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Should I buy these energy saving devices?

"I recently received a post card inviting me to attend a free dinner and hear about ways to lower my utility bills. Should I purchase the products this company is offering?" asked a member recently. Anytime these products are tied to electricity, we advise you give...

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