Call Before You Dig

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Before you dig, STOP…

GVEA is now a member of the Alaska 811 Digline!

In certain areas of GVEA’s system, underground electrical lines are used. Therefore, members working outside (installing fence posts or burying fuel tanks, for example) may be in for a serious shock. To avoid the risk of electrocution, plan out any excavation project before you begin working.

The first step is to notify 811 Alaska Digline of the proposed excavation. You can do that one of two ways:

Either way you submit, a “locate ticket” will be generated and forwarded to GVEA.
GVEA will respond within two (2) full business days (or up to 10 days in remote or unstaffed locations) after receiving the locate ticket.

  • If GVEA has underground facilities in the area and a locate appointment is necessary, contact will be made with the excavator requesting the primary underground locate.
  • If there are no underground facilities in the area described in the locate ticket, the ticket will be updated within the 811 Alaska Digline system.


If you accidently damage a primary buried electrical line, STOP DIGGING IMMEDIATELY and call GVEA to report the incident at 452-1151 (option 1).

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  • GVEA does not charge to process a locate request.
  • GVEA only provides underground locate requests for primary power lines.
  • GVEA does not locate underground secondary power lines; however, if requested, GVEA can provide a list of known contractors who perform secondary power line locates. Hiring an electrical contractor to do this would be the member’s responsibility.