Board of Directors


Golden Valley Electric Association members are elected by district to serve on GVEA’s board of directors. GVEA’s service area is divided into seven geographical districts. Directors are elected for three-year terms, with no more than three directors elected in any one year. For more information about director elections, visit the GVEA election page.

Board Internal Committees

Board External Committees

David Messier, Director for District 1
Phone: (907) 978-1866

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David Messier, Director for District 1David Messier moved to the Interior in 2009 and lives off Farmers Loop in a home that he designed and built. He currently works as the Rural Energy Coordinator for Tanana Chiefs Conference and has been helping rural Alaskan communities and small utilities on projects aimed at addressing and reducing the high cost of energy for over a decade. Dave serves on the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) Board of Directors and on the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) Advisory Committee, as well as other state and federal energy working groups. He enjoys hunting, fishing and skiing. Dave and his wife, Heidi, have two young children. He’s passionate about working to reduce the high cost of energy for residents of Alaska’s interior. Dave began his second term on the board in 2020 and currently serves as Treasurer. 

District 1 seat will be next up for election in 2023.

Tom DeLong, Director for District 2
Phone: (907) 347-6215

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Tom DeLong imageTom DeLong currently serves as Chairman of the board and was first elected in 2005. He and his wife, Ann, have two grown daughters. He has worked at ABR, Inc. – Environmental Research & Services for the last 28 years. Tom has also owned and operated Tolovana Hot Springs, a remote natural hot springs, since 1987. Tom is very interested in the study of utility rate design, energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. He enjoys the design and building of small wind and solar projects to provide LED lighting off the grid. Hobbies include skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, table tennis, and flying.

District 2 seat will be next up for election in 2023.

Richard J. “Rick” Solie, Jr., Director for District 3
Phone: (907) 374-8194

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Rick Solie was elected to GVEA’s Board of Directors in 2020. He and his wife, Cherie, have three married children and two grandchildren. Rick is a 50-year resident of Fairbanks and is the owner of Solie Consulting, whose clients include Tower HIll Mines, where he serves as Manager of Investor & Community Relations. He has 30+ years of government and public affairs experience throughout Alaska in mining, oil and gas, healthcare, and government sectors. Rick is active in various community and business organizations, including as a Director of Alaska Miners Association, the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and Radiant Church. He also serves as Chairman of the Alaska Board of the American Heart Association. In his free time, Rick enjoys boating, hiking, hunting and skiing. He’s focused on lowering the cost and improving the reliability of electric service to GVEA members.

District 3 seat will be next up for election in 2023.

Gary Newman, Director for District 4
Phone: (907) 488-2001

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Gary Newman imageGary Newman currently serves as Secretary of the board and was first elected in June 2015. He has lived in Fairbanks since 1972. He and his wife, Chena, a life-long Alaskan, have two grown sons. Gary has had several professions: telecommunications and PBX systems installer; energy auditor; and weatherization, housing and facilities manager for Tanana Chiefs Conference; and computer and network systems administrator at UAF. He has been an active member of GVEA for decades. Gary previously served on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Platting Board and Planning Commission and currently serves on a number of local non-profit boards. Playing Celtic-style music is a hobby of Gary’s. He also assists his wife with the development of Koponen Homestead, a residential and recreational community on Chena Ridge. Gary hopes his efforts on the GVEA board will encourage more member-owner engagement.

District 4 seat will be next up for election in 2024.

Chris Bunch, Director for District 5
Phone: (907) 590-0420

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Chris Bunch imageChris Bunch was elected to the board in July 2013. He has lived in Alaska for 32 years and is a pipefitter superintendent for TCI Construction, Inc. Chris is a member and executive board member for the Local Union 375 Plumbers and Pipefitters. He and his wife, Megan, have two young sons. Chris is involved in youth hockey and enjoys hunting, fishing, and snow machining.

District 5 seat will be next up for election in 2022.

Fred Sheen, Director for District 6
Phone: (907) 978-5314

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Fred Sheen was elected to the board in June 2022. He worked at GVEA as a lineman for 15 years in both Fairbanks and Delta Junction. before leaving to pursue other opportunities. Fred also worked with the Delta Chamber and Alaska State Chamber of Commerce as a board member and as board President 1998-2006. As a Journeyman Lineman and the Delta Division Supervisor with GVEA, he was a part of the following projects:  John Brown Generation Project, SVC (Static VAR compensator), 138 KV Line Extension to Missile Defense, Ft. Greely rebuild 2400 V to 14.4 KV, Ft. Greely Substation and Pogo 138 KV Switching Station/Line Extension. Fred enjoys the great outdoors of Alaska – hunting, fishing, boating and flying. He also volunteers for church groups and the Rural Deltana Fire Department.

District 6 seat will be next up for election in 2025.

Todd Adams, Director for District 7
Phone: (907) 832-5809

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Todd Adams was elected to the board in July 2021. He has lived in Alaska for 25 years and is a retired Senior Project Manager for Siemens. His professional career has been devoted to design and execution of utility monitoring and control systems on large-scale, complex sites for commercial, industrial and government sectors. Todd enjoys retriever training and competition, hunting, fishing and farming. District 7 seat will be up for election in 2024

District Descriptions

District 1 Map
Includes the railroad industrial area, which includes Well St and Phillips Field Rd south of the Johansen Expy to the Chena River; Graehl Subd to Hamilton Ave and north of Adak Ave; heading north out of Fairbanks, the general area west of the Steese Hwy, including Fox, Chatanika, Haystack and Elliot Hwy; Farmers Loop, Goldstream, Murphy Dome and Sheep Creek Roads; the University of Alaska; College Rd and north of Noyes Slough, excluding Lemeta Subd. south of College Rd.

District 2 Map
Includes Lemeta Subd; the general area south of Noyes Slough and north of the Chena River; Doyon Estates; Danby Street; Aurora Subd, Geist Rd; University West; Chena Ridge; Goldhill Rd; Ester; and the Parks Hwy south to Mile 343.

District 3 Map
Includes the area south of the Chena Small Tracks and east of Chena Pump to Rosie Creek; the west side of Fairbanks, south of the Chena River, west of Peger Rd. and south of Airport Way; north of Richardson Hwy to Woll Rd; and south of the Chena River and Chena Slough over to Nordale Rd; and Richardson Hwy west of Mile 352.

District 4 Map
Includes downtown Fairbanks, north of Airport Way and east of Peger Rd up to the Chena River; the subdivisions of Island Homes, Hamilton Acres, Shannon Park and Birchwood Homes; all areas east of the Steese Hwy heading north out of Fairbanks and south of Goldstream Rd, including Chena Hot Springs Rd; also Secluded Acres Subd, located east of Ft. Wainwright and north of the Chena River.

District 5 Map
Includes the area of North Pole; the Richardson Hwy from Mile 352 and the east side of Woll Rd; Nordale Rd; the area north of Chena Slough; Moose Creek; Eielson; and south to the Salcha River.

District 6 Map
Includes Delta Junction, Fort Greely and all areas south of the Salcha River, including Harding and Birch Lakes.

District 7 Map
Includes the areas of Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell.