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In certain areas of GVEA's system, underground electrical lines are used. Therefore, members working outside (installing fence posts or burying fuel tanks, for example) may be in for a serious shock. To avoid the risk of electrocution, plan out any excavation project before you begin working.

The first step is to submit a Locate Request Form to GVEA to determine if (and where) any Diggingprimary electrical lines may be buried on your property. With your safety being of primary concern to GVEA, we will assist with locating any primary underground power lines on an as-requested basis.

The person responsible for the excavation is required to submit the Locate Request Form at least two days, but not more than 15 days (excluding weekends and holidays), before the start of the project. 

Locate requests received after 3:30pm are processed as if it was received at 8am the next business day. Once the form is received, a confirmation notice will be issued within 24 hours of receipt (with the exception of after-hours, weekends and holidays).

Contact will be initiated by GVEA to the requestor (by email or phone) confirming whether or not an underground locate is required. If so, an onsite visit will need to be scheduled where the excavation is to take place. The GVEA representative will schedule an appointment to meet there. Having at least two-days' notice when scheduling the appointment would be appreciated.

To access the Locate Request Form, simply click on the appropriate version below:

  • Online Form - This form can be completed online and will be submitted by selecting the "select form" button on the bottom of the form.
    • This version is most convenient for the one-time requestor.
  • PDF Form - This PDF form is interactive. It will need to be completed, saved or printed, and submitted using one of the methods below:
    • Emailed to
    • Faxed to: 907-458-6374
    • In-person: Operations Dept, 758 Illinois St, Fairbanks
      • This version is most convenient for the requestor who may submit multiple requests throughout a construction season.
      • The common information (i.e. "Requestor's Contact Info" section) on the form can be completed one time, then saved on the user's computer. This will then become the user's "master form." When a new form needs to be submitted, simply open this master form, complete the "Dig Site Information" section, save this unique form and then submit it using any of the options listed above.


  • If you accidently damage a primary buried electrical line, STOP DIGGING IMMEDIATELY and call GVEA to report the incident at 452-1151 (option 1).
  • GVEA does not charge to process a locate request.
    • GVEA only provides underground locate requests for primary power lines.
    • GVEA does not locate underground secondary power lines; however, if requested, GVEA can provide a list of known contractors who perform secondary power line locates. Hiring an electrical contractor to do this would be the member's responsibility.
  • GVEA is not associated with the Alaska 811 Dig Line service; therefore, it's important that you submit a completed Locate Request Form for primary power line locates.

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