SNAP:  GVEA's Renewable Energy and Net Metering Program

snaplogoLaunched in 2005, SNAP connects local people who want to produce small-scale renewable energy with local members who want to support it.

SNAP producers install their own renewable power systems. Part of their payments are from voluntary contributions.

In 2010, SNAP Plus was introduced as GVEA's Net Metering Program.

As of December 2017, 191 members currently participate in the SNAP and SNAP Plus programs, of which 97% of capacity comes from solar energy. These producers have a combined capacity of 979 kW.

SNAP Supporters

For as little as $2 each month, members can support this important resource. To sign up, call 907-452-1151 or submit our Contact Form.

SNAP Producers

To be eligible to participate in the SNAP program, a project must be 25 kW or less. The following documents outline the SNAP connection process. Contact our New Construction Dept. at 907-458-5870 or email with any questions.


Application Packet:  

A complete application requires the following documents, in addition to the applicable SNAP "One-Line" System Diagram.


SNAP "One-Line" System Diagrams

Please choose the template that closely matches the system configuration you are installing:

Non-Utility Power Producer Interconnection Specifications