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Should I buy these energy saving devices?

"I recently received a post card inviting me to attend a free dinner and hear about ways to lower my utility bills. Should I purchase the products this company is offering?" asked a member recently. Anytime these products are tied to electricity, we advise you give...

It’s getting colder; are you ready to start plugging in?

We've created a video highlighting the most energy efficient way to keep your car warm and running this winter. Besides using a timer when you plug in your car, remember it takes a warm car two hours to cool down. If you plan to leave within two hours, there's really...

Questions about the mines

"If Golden Valley wasn’t providing power to Fort Knox and Pogo mines, would we still need all the diesel-fired generation that is in operation now? What percentage of the power generated by GVEA goes to those mines? When those mines came on, we were told they’d cause...

Why don’t you bury power lines?

  "I’ve heard that trees in the line are the number one cause of outages in the Interior. Why doesn’t GVEA bury the lines and eliminate this problem?" asked a member recently. There are a couple of reasons why we prefer to install our power lines above ground: It...

Comments welcome, but please take ownership

We welcome your comments and feedback. We only ask that you provide a valid first name and email address when you post. It helps us distinguish between spam and a comment from a real person. It also creates a sense of ownership, which we feel is important. Your email...

Are there hydrokinetic turbines in Fairbanks area rivers?

“I’m curious about hydrokinetic turbines. Are there any in the Fairbanks area?” asked a member recently. The short answer is no; we don’t have hydrokinetic turbines in Fairbanks area rivers...yet. The Alaska Center for Energy & Power and the Ocean Renewable Power...

Why is wind power a good deal all of a sudden?

    “I’ve heard GVEA say over and over that wind is extremely expensive and impractical, yet you introduced it at the annual meeting as a good deal. Why?” asked a member recently. The federal government has billions of dollars in stimulus money available for renewable...


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