Good¢ents Grants Awarded in November 2018

The Good¢ents Board of Trustees met in November. Fourteen applications were reviewed, and nine grants totaling $35,178 were awarded. Here’s a summary of these recent grants:

  • Bethel Community Services Foundation: $1,000 grant to assist with the purchase of music equipment.
  • Christmas In Ice: $3,305 grant to be applied to an electrical upgrade.
  • Ester Volunteer Fire Department: $4,080 grant to assist with an electrical upgrade.
  • Fairbanks Children’s Museum: $4,747 grant to purchase a set of furniture designed specifically for children.
  • Fairbanks Community Food Bank: $5,448 grant to be applied towards the purchase and installation of an intrusion detection system.
  • Literacy Council: $4,071 grant to assist with a furniture upgrade.
  • Love INC: $6,755 grant to be applied towards a technology upgrade.
  • Opera Fairbanks: $3,010 grant to assist with the purchase of music equipment.
  • The Folk School Fairbanks: $2,762 grant to assist with the purchase and installation of a Toyo stove.

All grants from the Good¢ents Foundation are awarded to nonprofit organizations within GVEA’s service area. Applications are reviewed quarterly in February, May, August and November by a volunteer board of trustees. The next application deadline is January 31, 2019. Applications and more information about the program can be found online here.

Good¢ents is funded by the generous members of Golden Valley Electric Association. Since the program began in 2011, GVEA members have funded grants totaling $909,996.

Thank you to all of the members who voluntarily “round up” their monthly billing statement to the next dollar. The cents you contribute is greatly appreciated and really makes a difference within the communities GVEA serves.

(Posted on GVEA's Blog on Dec 4, 2018.)

Fuel & Purchase Power Charge Continues to Decline

GVEA’s Fuel and Purchased Power (F&PP) rate, effective December 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019, has decreased from 10.502¢ to 8.648¢ per kilowatt-hour. This is a decrease of 18 percent from the previous F&PP rate approved by the RCA.

Based on the average usage of 600 kWh, the impact of the lower F&PP will decrease a residential member’s monthly bill by approximately $11.

The main reason for the decrease is having Healy Unit 2 online fulltime and lower Intertie purchases, which offsets increasing fuel prices. The F&PP is adjusted on a quarterly basis and is billed based on kWh consumption. The current F&PP includes a true-up of actual data from the prior three-month period (May through July), as well as an estimate for August.

The F&PP charge has been decreasing over the past four quarters:

  • Dec 1, 2018:  8.648¢
  • Sept 1, 2018:  10.502¢
  • June 1, 2018:  11.071¢
  • Mar 1, 2018:  11.227¢

(Posted on GVEA's Blog on Dec 3, 2018)

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