Golden Valley submits LNG Plan for the Interior

GVEA has been working to keep this project moving forward, including:

Most recently, In December 2012, the state of Alaska requested Letters of Interest about a proposed North Slope natural gas plant. GVEA submitted the following plan on January 7, 2013

Due to the high price of oil and its volatility, Golden Valley Electric has been evaluating the potential of trucking Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) from the North Slope to Fairbanks. Trucking gas would grow natural gas usage and serve as a bridge to a pipeline.

The benefits of a LNG trucking project would be

This project would involve building a liquefaction plant on the slope, to supercool the gas and turn it into a liquid. It would then be loaded into special trailers and trucked south. A LNG storage and vaporization facility would also have to be built near our North Pole Power Plant.