Frequency of Scam Calls Are Up

NOTE:  If you have been a victim of a scam, please use the link provided to file an incident report with the police:  Link to FPD’s Incident Report

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Utilities around the country continue to report an increase in scam attempts, and Fairbanks is no exception.

Nearly everyday, GVEA receives calls from members providing details of calls they’ve received.  Scammers don’t discriminate, and often times they seem to target businesses and members who use English as a second language. Additionally, scammers often call at a time that they expect the business to be very busy (e.g. lunch time if it’s a restaurant).

Scammers are more than happy to supply a phone number to the members. When the 1-800 number is called, there’s an automated recording identifying the number you have reached is “GVEA.”

These calls all seem to have one thing in common:  they threaten disconnect of power if payment is not made.

Another potential scam may arrive in your email, posing as a link to your utility bill. By clicking on the link, you will download malware to your computer. DON’T click on the link.

Regrettably, members have lost significant sums of money when they’ve complied with these scammers’ requests. Once those card numbers are turned over to the scammers, utilities can do nothing to assist with the recovery of those funds, except recommend the member file a police report.

Be Aware of These Common Tricks Used by Scammers:

Remember, if you did not initiate the contact – phone or email – DO NOT provide any personal information (credit card and/or Social Security numbers and/or banking information).

Additional Cautions for Our Members:

If you have any questions regarding the validity of a call or email, please promptly contact GVEA. Our phone number is 907-452-1151 (or 1-800-770-4832 toll-free).

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(Posted on GVEA's Blog on Mar 19, 2019.)