MAC Meetings

MAC meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at GVEA's headquarters on Illinois Street. All members are welcome to attend.

  • Note:  If the temperature at 9am on the morning of a MAC meeting is -40 degrees or colder at the Fairbanks International Airport (458-3745 ext. 1113), the meeting will be cancelled.


MAC Applications are available each May, June and July.

  • If you're interested in submitting an application for consideration, an application was included in the May and June 2019 billing statements.
  • You can also complete an application form online by clicking here.
    • Complete the form, then save it.
    • Attach the saved application to an email and submit it to


Here's a brief video, with testimonials from MAC members

(click on link):


By serving on the Member Advisory Committee, you'll learn:

  • Why electricity is so expensive in Interior Alaska.
  • Where our power comes from.
  • What "cooperative" means.
  • What goes into coordinating GVEA's Annual Members' Meeting.

If these topics interest you, then you should consider joining GVEA's Member Advisory Committee (MAC). Serving on the MAC is a great way to get involved, find out more about your co-op and provide valuable feedback.

The MAC is made up of three members from each of GVEA's seven geographic districts, and they:

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  • Serve three-year terms (beginning in October)
  • Meet monthly (typically on the second Wednesday of each month), with each meeting lasting about 90 minutes
  • Receive $60 per meeting, plus standard mileage rates for roundtrip travel

MAC members are also asked to serve on various committees (e.g. district nominating, annual meeting, bylaw review and election).

All GVEA members (except employees) are eligible to serve.

Get Involved - Join the Member Advisory Committee!


 Current MAC Members: 

District 1: Robert Hildebrandt Peter VanFlein Carol Gho  
District 2: Hollis Hall Richard Theilmann Karm Singh  
District 3: Alison Carter Alyssa Norris vacant  
District 4: David Forstrom Angela Ritchie Mike Bradley  Harmony Tomaszewski
District 5: Enlow Walker Russell Johnston Benjamin Gorman  Kerry Kirby
District 6: Audrey Brown Dan Beck vacant  
District 7: Bradley Benson John Kelleher Terry Hinman  


2019 Meeting Dates

  • January 9 - Agenda Minutes
  • February 13 - Agenda Minutes
  • March 13 - Agenda Minutes
  • April 10 - Agenda
  • May 2 - Annual Members' Meeting (Lathrop High School's Hering Auditorium)
  • June 13 - Ballot Count for GVEA's Board of Directors' Election
  • June 25 - Tour of GVEA's North Pole Power Plant
  • August 14
  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13
  • December 11


Reference Materials

2018 MAC Mtg Minutes

2017 MAC Mtg Minutes

2016 MAC Mtg Minutes

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