GVEA – District 7 Runoff Election Results

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GVEA 2021 Board of Directors – District 7 Runoff Election Results

This afternoon, GVEA’s Election Committee certified the results of the 2021 Board of Directors District 7 runoff election.

In accordance with GVEA’s Bylaws, a runoff election was held between Todd Adams and Katherine Hennigan, the two candidates who received the most votes in the election ending June 10. Voting in the runoff election opened to all District 7 members on June 25.

Of the valid ballots cast, 209 were paper ballots and 94 were online ballots.

Here are the results:

  • Todd Adams won the seat over Katherine Hennigan.
  • Of the 1,141 ballots mailed, 303 valid ballots were cast, a 27% return.
    • Todd Adams: 183 votes / 60.6%
    • Katherine Hennigan: 119 votes / 39.4%

Congratulations to Todd Adams, and our sincere appreciation to Katherine Hennigan. We recognize the commitment and dedication required to campaign. One of the major advantages of being a member of an electric cooperative is local, democratic governance.

Every GVEA member receiving service has a vote in director elections, and all directors who serve on the board are members, making decisions in the best interest of the membership.

Thank you to all members in District 7 who took the time to vote in the runoff election.

Next year, directors for District 5 (Chris Bunch) and District 6 (John Sloan) will be up for election. For more information about GVEA’s Board of Directors, visit:


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