66th Annual Members' Meeting

Power to Use Less

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Introduction & Minutes


Introductions, Anthems and Approval of Minutes






GVEA as a Cooperative, Capital Credits, Good¢ents



Challenges and Reliability


Farewell to GVEA Board of Director Ron Bergh who will retire after 33 years


Board of Directors




Energy$ense Programs


Builder, Business and Home Energy Conservation Programs





Scholarship awards, Board of Director Elections, 2012 GVEA Successes and Employee Highlights


Fighting Costs


Controlling Costs, Enery Issues, Rate Decrease, LNG, Healy Unit 2 (HCCP), Ester the Energy Waster


Eva Creek Wind


Eva Creek Wind video, Prize Drawings, Dave Gardner Retirement


Member Comments - Part 1



Member Comments - Part 2



Member Comments - Part 3



Member Comments - Part 4